Gene Higa Founder Wedology

My Boundless Passion: I grew up an only child in a Japanese household. My grandparents fell in love during WWII interment camps. My parents met on a blind date, but knew each other as children. They are the reason why I love weddings. I started photographing weddings over 15 years ago and achieved being named One of the Top 10 Wedding Photographers in the World.

My Lightbulb Moment: Over the past 15 years of photographing weddings, I  was encountering the same problems every weekend. Broken communication, piles of paperwork and working countless hours to stay afloat and still be profitable. I was loosing focus on the passion of being an artist. Frustrated, I asked myself 3 empowering questions.

1. How can I make more money?

2. How can I build a bigger network?

3. How can I work when I’m not working?

You might even be asking yourselves the same questions. Then I had a  lightbulb moment. What if I developed a app for wedding professionals and give them the tools to solve these problems all at once, anywhere in the world. Shazzam, Boom, Pow. Wedology was born!

Reaching for the Stars: Focusing my passion to helping others, I’m always developing ideas to help make you better at your craft. Inspired by your success, Wedology is committed to keeping the dream alive. We’re in the middle of developing one of the most uncomplicated solutions to the everyday problems of the wedding industry.

Thank you and stay tuned!